Pictures of the wonderful people  who have come into the store

Some of the wonderful people we have met

Danny Hutton  Three Dog Night
Rumer  Willis filming  "From Within"
Jared Harris  filing "From Within"
Authors Deborah-Rudacille-and-Tim-Kreider
Chelsea Carr
Gale Heimbach
Greg Cox
and Karen Palinko
Ray Sydnor Philadelphia Eagles
4 PM
Greg Cox
Steve Guyger
Chelsea Carr

Jeff Barnd Fox 45 News

Steven Lance
Grammy Winner Skip Ewing
David Healey

John and Chris Rolfe Professional Soccer Player

Anna Cosenza and Thomas Tomczyk World Travelers

Costume Designer Lee Harper

In the past 25 years we have met a lot of wonderful people. These snap shots capture some of those wonderful experiences...
Moments in time captured on film